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Barrier discharge is high voltage pulse discharge between two electrodes separated by dielectric insulator.

Fields of Applications:

  • Cheap and simple way of getting ozone
  • Conversion of poison chemical exhaust
  • Disinfection and cleaning treatment of water
  • Sources of ultraviolet radiation
  • Sterilizing medical equipment in ozone flow
  • Growing diamond-like films
It is proved by our experiments that is possible to reach 80% conversion of SO2/NO in exhaust of fuel-fired steam plant by plasmochemical reactor based on barrier discharge with cylindrical geometry.
Scheme of discharge Front View Of Cylindrical Discharge  

Different types of discharge configuration are available:

Cylindrical configuration Radial configuration


Technical Characteristics

Connect by several units high power device can be obtained


  • The joint R&D works and investigation of this kind discharge are possible
  • Cooperation in manufacturing Industrial Ozone Generator is proposed


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