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DC Magnetrons

Fields of Application:

Various usages that require films and coatings with special electrical, mechanical, magnetic and optic properties with a high adhesion of deposited film to the substrate.

Sputtering System Parameters:

  • Arch configuration of magnetic field provides by system of permanent magnets or by adjustable electromagnet
  • A variety of a target configurations (cylindrical and planar), different target sizes and materials are available
  • Discharge current is up to 10 A
  • Discharge voltage is in the range 400-800 V
  • Deposition rate ~ 100 nanometers per minute

Engineering and Research Activity

  • Investigations of Plasma-Target Interactions Processes
  • Investigations of Plasma Behavior in DC discharge with crossed magnetic and electric fields
  • R&D works of DC magnetron sputtering systems 1.2 kW DC Magnetron>>
  • Production of DC magnetron system at the customer's request
Magnetron sputtering unit Different sizes Unballanced mode of magnetron


For its production we use our Vacuum Arc Furnace.
We can smelt a target under customer's requirements.
Targets: different sizes - different materials  


1.2 kW DC Magnetron>>


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