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High performance deposition system is based on DC magnetron sputtering devices.

Fields of Application:

Various usages that require films and coatings with special electrical, mechanical, magnetic and optic properties with a high adhesion of deposited film to the substrate.

Sputtering System Parameters:

  • Arch configuration of magnetic field provides by system of permanent magnets or by adjustable electromagnet
  • A variety of a target configurations (cylindrical and planar), different target sizes and materials are available
  • Discharge current is up to 10 A
  • Discharge voltage is in the range 400-800 V
  • Deposition rate ~ 100 nanometers per minute

Engineering and Research Activity

  • Investigations of Plasma-Target Interactions Processes
  • Investigations of Plasma Behavior in DC discharge with crossed magnetic and electric fields
  • R&D works of DC magnetron sputtering systems
  • Production of DC magnetron system at the customer's request
Magnetron sputtering unit Different sizes Unballanced mode of magnetron



Simulation Code

This program calculates the deposition rate and spatial distribution of sputtered atoms for different conditions of magnetron sputtering system under a wide gas pressure range. The thermolization process and diffusion on atoms of the working gas are included in estimations.

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