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3D Ion Implantation is a treatment method, according to which high energy ion flow on workpiece is formed directly from impulse discharge between vacuum chamber (anode) and the workpiece (cathode). Ions that are being accelerated in thin voltage drop near the cathode modify complex surface of the part. Electron beams are generated from surface of the cathode by falling ions and provide self-sustain of discharge via interaction with plasma. This method of treatment has significant advantages over ion beam systems, due to nonexpensive realization of the technological process and its simplicity. Our system can be combined with other ion and plasma assisted methods of treatment like magnetron and vacuum arc deposition as well as IBED methods.

Programs developed under this direction:

Research activity:

  • Research of discharge structure. Investigations of the plasma beam instabilities in the discharge volume and generation mechanisms of ion flows. Cathode processes : implantation, sputtering, secondary ion electron emission. Mathematical simulation of processes in high voltage discharge.
  • Research of structure of modified surfaces and variation modified surface properties.
    Discharge zones Implant Picture
    Plasma distribution subject to electron beams. Electron beams emitted from cathode Vacuum chamber with pumping system for ion implantation

    Engineering activity:

    • Developing equipment for research activity for 3DII
    • Producing and delivering technological equipment for 3D Ion Implantation and combined methods of treatment based on 3D Ion Implantation :
      • High voltage impulse generators of rectangle impulse for 3D Ion Implantation applications. Output adjustable voltage 5-60 kV. Power up to  4kW. Adjustable impulse duration 80mks-2ms, frequency up to 200 Hz
      • Short circuit protection system. Computer operating.
      • Vacuum systems, based on turbo molecular pump(1500lps). Fully computerized operation.
      • Single and multichannel gas injection system. Computer operation.
      • Water cooled ceramic high voltage vacuum current feedthrough.
      • Equipment for deposition and realization of combined technologies based on magnetron and vacuum arc systems.
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