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Fields Of Application

  • Metallurgy of experimental alloys with special properties
  • Precious metal alloys and manufacture of it trade sets for mechanical engineering, instrument making, aircraft and medical engineering

The Smelting Scheme

The smelting is carried out in copper water-cooled crystallizer in controllable atmosphere of inert and recovering gases by  means of an arc with a tungsten cathode Vacuum arc melting



  • High-temperature (up to 3400 oC) adjustable smelting is carried out in a wide range of stabilized pressure of plasma-forming medium ( 1,3 . 103 - 1,5 . 105 Pa). It permits to purposely effect:
    • refining and degassing of metals
    • suppression of their vaporability
    • optimum modes of smelting of complex alloys
    • nitriding and surface treatment of the ingots
    • perspective physicochemical processes in metallurgy under the active influence of gas medium parameters
  • The melting at low pressure (< 1,3 . 104 Pa) is conducted in conditions of a special formed plasma energy structure with the power release density (which is controlled and distinctly localized in space) in the range of 102 - 104 W/cm3. It permits:
    • to change smoothly the amount and density of energy, conducted to a heated metal at the constant discharge current value
    • to increase greatly the melting effect of the arc
    • to change considerably the plasma contact area with a metal
    • to carry out the smelting of metal powders (because of the low gas dynamic effect of the arc)
    • to reduce considerably the inert gas expenditure when metals with low degrees of vaporization are being smelt
    • to ensure high service life of the cathode at high discharge currents


Internal view of melting chamber Microsection : difference in melting power

Furnace Design

  • The automatic Gas & Vacuum unit with control and measurement system realizes a preliminary pumping from the melting chamber, its filling with working gas up to required pressure and a stabilization of the chosen gas pressure during smelting.
  • The small size Power Supply with the block of arc controlling provide the ignition of the arc by the high voltage break-down or the contact way and also the smooth regulation of the arc current.
  • The Melting Chamber consists of:
    • replaceable crystallizers of various shapes (for producing single or several ingots during one cycle of furnace working);
    • original moving electro-vacuum input of the cathode unit (the cathode does not require external forced cooling);
    • smoothly varying density of light filters for observation of the working process.


Technical Characteristics

Maximum capacity of the melting cell, cm3 120
Ultimate residual pressure in the vacuum melting chamber, Pa  1,33
Range of regulation of the operating medium pressure in the smelting chamber, Pa 1,3 . 103 - 1,5 . 105
Range of arc current regulation, À 50 - 600
The furnace operating cycle duration, min ~ 10
Weight of the furnace, kg ~ 400
Dimensions, mm ~ (700 x 700 x 1700)
Consuming power (3 õ 380 V, 50 Hz), kW ~ 10
Cooling  a network water supply

Engineering Activity

  • Manufacturing of small size furnaces
  • Production and modifications of furnace at the customer's request

The Scientific Cooperation And The Joint R&D Works.

It should be chosen the following directions in such cooperation:

  • The joint researches and the development of perspective metallurgical processes on the present equipment.
  • The perfection of the furnace design for obtaining the new technical possibilities (for example, the electromagnetic mixing of metal at the smelting, the development of technological accompaniment).


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