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Probe Collector Voltage
Polarity positive
Range of Varying 50-3000V
Voltage Step less than 3V
Loading Capacity 3000V@4mA
Ripple less than 5%
Shutdown Current less than 10 mA
Scanning Time less than 3min for 3kv range
Accuracy of A/D conversion 10 Bit
Rejection Grid Voltage
Polarity negative
DC amplitude 30-40V
Ripple less than 5%
Shutdown Current 20mA
Ion Current Amplifier  
Lowest Measured Current less than 200nA
Maximum Measured Current 0,15mA
Cut-off Frequency 100Hz
Accuracy of A/D conversion 10 Bit
Probe Parameters
Maximum Working Pressure less than 0.5Pa (Ar)
Maximum Beam Plasma Density 1011cm-3
Probe’s Collector Material Stainless Steel
Kinds of Accelerated Ion inert gases, nitrogen, non-reactive with SS substances
Another Probe Components Material SS, Al2O3
Probe Input Aperture


Probe Dimensions Ø36X42
Cable with Feedthrough
Vacuum Side Cable Length more than 1m
Atmospheric Side Cable Length more than 3m
Feedthru Location Hole Diameter Ø18-Ø20mm
Wall Thickness for Feedthru Location 5-35mm
Operation System Microsoft Windows 98/Me, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP
Control Unit
Digital Interface bi-directional LPT (printer port)
Mains Supply 100-240 V, AC 50-60Hz
Power Consumption less than 40W
Dimensions 50(H)mmX200(W)mmX200(D)mm
Weight 850 g


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